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Best practice CloudOps support (with platforming, DevOps & SRE), either as a subscription or a traditional ad-hoc consultancy, brought you by StellarPenguin.

Cloud & Kubernetes setup, maintenance and support

A complete (or partial) cloud administration service, using industry standard tools and up-to-date best practice techniques for managing any level of your cloud infrastructure - from basic account setup to 100% resource administration.

Kubernetes cluster service options, including setup, ad-hoc support , or ongoing patch maintenance - for control plane, nodes or application management.

Maintenance, patches and routine upgrades
Your Kubernetes resources are kept up to date, from the control plane through to third party applications. Control plane, add-ons and node management is provided through IaC, while application support - whether first or third party, including components such as ingress controllers, your business logic services or service meshes - are managed through Helm charts or acceptable alternates.
Comprehensive, versioned IaC
Leveraging the power of Hashicorp's Terraform product (the industry standard for Infrastructure-as-Code, or IaC), your cloud resources will be accurately mirrored in a GitHub (or similar) repository. The contents - comprehensively documented and intuitively architected - belong to you, allowing your in-house team to apply modifications at any time.
Bespoke Application / CI / CD development
We can assist in the creation of Kubernetes resources (for scaling, redundancy or monitoring, for example), bespoke Helm charts, customised service mesh installation, the design and development of Kubernetes operators (incl. CRD's) and much more. Your workflows are your own, but we can help with integration in CI pipelines with many popular CI/CD engines.
Cloud Support & Cost Savings
Proactive monitoring of your Cloud resources to suggest and implement cost savings where possible. We also provide ad-hoc support for all your Kubernetes resources, as well as your entire cloud ecosystem (leveraging the provider's support if required).

Cost Effective

Reduce Overhead

Aimed at small to medium organisations who might not (yet) require a full-time SRE / DevOps / CloudOps resource; These responsibilities can be carried out by us at a fraction of the cost, leaving you with more time and more resources to focus on your product development.

Accept the Law

Parkinson‘s Law states that work duration expands to fill the allotted time span, regadless of the amount of work needing to be done. Put simply, a full-time SRE hire might not be what a young, lean organisation needs at the outset. Rather, a CloudOps service (with years of automation experience) can achieve similar results in a much shorter time frame.

Output is Yours

All resulting code & output (HCL/Terraform, Helm Charts, Pipelines, etc) stored in version control belongs to you, the client. When the time comes for you to move CloudOps in-house - to your own SRE / Platforming team - the transition is seamless and painless.

Flexible Pricing

The pricing options below are representative; the actual cost is flexible and will vary, taking into account which resources are being managed by us, and if it involves importing previously created infrastructure or not. Please contact us for a more accurate quote for your needs.

CloudOps Subscription (monthly)


Flexible monthly subscription, keeping your cloud account and Kubernetes clusters secure and up-to-date

  • Cloud account & user management
  • Cost saving suggestions & implementations
  • 1 x Kubernetes cluster management, including control plane, node groups and core applicationsBasic analytics
  • 2nd Kubernetes cluster free if testing/staging environment
  • General support
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Ad-Hoc (hourly)


Hourly charge for consultancy work, and support for one-time projects

  • Helm chart support
  • First/Third party application management
  • CI/CD workflows
  • Custom Kubernetes operators
  • Compliance support
  • ...and much, much more!
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